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Outstanding. It’s as simple as that! Three of us, all amateur racers, booked a preseason training week with Nozad and Jubi hoping for some good miles, good weather and good company. What we actually got was so much more. Nozad and Jubi could not make you feel more welcome, the level of service they provide is beyond anything you could reasonably expect, nothing is a problem and if they can sort it out, they absolutely will.
As for the actual cycling. The roads and terrain are superb and Nozad planned the week brilliantly for our needs. It was not simply a case of ‘here are 6 days of riding’, rather Nozad took the time to assess our abilities and structure a week that pushed us to the limit, but never at the expense of the next day’s training. Perfect. Furthermore, the proof is in the results and five weeks to the day after returning from the training camp I won the TLI 40-44 year old National Championship and at 43 years old am having my best season in years having also gained my 2nd cat license seven weeks after the camp!
We have already booked again for next year and the feeling is CHS, Nozad and Jubi are now a fixture on our training programme. I simply cannot recommend them enough. 

Having had a week at the absolutely excellent CHS, with four other mates, all being of differing cycling abilities and ages, one thing is perfectly clear, this is the best and most professional cycling holiday experience I have ever had. Having ridden the Alps and the awesome Ventoux, we all agree that we would not have to look further than CHS, Nozad, Jubi, Eva and the dogs for any future cycling holidays.
From the time we were collected at the airport to a week later when we were dropped back, we did not need or want for anything or have to lift a finger. The accommodation is modern, spacious and more importantly clean. The food and meals are simply scrumptious all being carefully prepared from local fresh produce and is tailored to the needs for cyclists and the nutrition one needs after a hard day in the saddle and for the day ahead.
Nozad has carefully designed the weeks riding from the first turn of a pedal to the last, with each ride building on the previous, so by the end, one will leave not only feeling stronger but also totally fulfilled. Brilliant roads, climbs and having Noz either ride with you, or accompanying you in his support car filled with water and snacks, you are never left alone. In fact I felt like a pro having all the care and attention lavished on me. The totally free and most welcome massage after a hard ride is also most welcome.
Great down to earth host that will have you in stitches of laughter, there is no doubt I, we, will be returning to this most professional of cycling camps.
Thank You Nozad, Jubi & Eva, love you guys.
Greg Charman

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Our group of five went to Cycling Holidays Spain, following in the footsteps of my much fitter son who travelled there last winter to train. From the moment we met at Alicante airport I knew that we were in good hands. Talking on the way back to Nozad's villa our week of cycling began to take shape with Nozad explaining how the following vehicle support would work - and up the Aitana it meant that all our group could take time in the car to recover while still completing the route chosen for the day.
As we had to jettison the gas canisters before leaving the UK it was ideal that we could get replacements from Nozad without needing to go hunting for a bike shop on our first day. But that was not all. The villa had ample bike storage, bike stands if required, swimming pool, sauna, pool table, and plenty of room to relax.
After each ride Eva and Sonia were there to provide massages for tired legs while Jubi prepared some very tasty food that was both appetising and healthy.
The terrain and the choice of rides was ideal to suit many keen cyclists - steady climbs with vantage points to stop and rest, or take photos, or do like the pros and complete some reps up the col de rates. The choice is there. For us the choice is easy - we are going back next year, and as for my son, well he's back there next month when he just might see some of the pro teams in winter training again.

The first thing Nozad does is to help create a positive mindset and the right attitude towards where you are and where you are going. It doesn't matter if you are the biggest or smallest, the strongest or weakest, fastest or slowest. Everyone has the same attitude and that is to improve themselves and at the same time help other improve. The fact that he also went above and beyond the call of duty in supporting my battle with cancer speaks volumes of the man and CHS. I am a stronger rider now than I have ever been. Thank you Noze, Jubi & Eva - I will be back. If Carlsberg did cycling holidays indeed

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Richard Boon
Just back from a fantastic week cycling in Spain amongst this amazing scenery. If Carling did cycling training camps, they'd be run by Nozad Nawras and be called Cycling Holiday Spain -

Having turned 40 in April I decided I needed to do something different and push myself Having looked online I decided to book 12 days at cycling holidays Spain From the moment I made contact with Nozad I was impressed Quick response to emails and answers to any questions I had Having arrived early on the Sunday I was greeted by the smiling face and a wooly hat The training camp is outstanding with more food than you know what to do with and the location is perfect The cycling is without doubt the best I've ever been lucky enough to ride on 12 days of sunshine with endless riding on traffic free roads When back from cycling the evening massage and sauna is just perfect to freshen up for another day of the perfect life Nozad is a very genuine guy who will go out of his way to make your stay the best it can be I will definitely be heading back


At the heart of any good training camp are three fundamentals - brilliant scenic rides, good accommodation and nice food. Very few camps can actually deliver on all three but Nozad and Cycling Holiday Spain not only meet these requirements but greatly surpass them.
The location in which the camp is situated is simply idyllic and pretty much a cyclist’s paradise. It’s unsurprising that so many pro teams pick this area as their winter base - smooth roads, very few cars, awesome climbs and stunning scenery. What more could you want?
Well actually Nozad provides you with more… Not only are the rides tailored to meet your needs but Nozad also accompanies either via the support car (very pro-esque) or by riding with you. It takes away the hassle of planning your own routes, worrying about directions and also allows you to make the most of the hours spent in the saddle. Thanks to Nozad we managed to do all the climbs we wanted and much more!
The accommodation was also perfect for our group - it felt like a home from home.  It’s a great pad to lounge around in post ride and the bedrooms are spacious and comfortable. What more could you want?
Well throw in a pool table, playstation, spin bikes, gym and projector screen for movies and you’ll find your time off the bike is never boring.
As for the food – it was brilliant. Nutritious, home-cooked and centred around recovery. A bountiful selection for breakfast provides you with all you could need for a good day on the bike and a three course evening meal rounds off the day nicely. What more could you want?
Well, yet again Nozad surpasses expectation by providing mid ride nutrition, post ride recovery shakes and ensures a freshly cooked lunch is on the table within 20 minutes of returning to camp. Nozad also managed to cater for the fussy eater, the vegetarian and the ‘healthy appetites’ of our group.
And when you think it can’t get any better you find the extra touches that simply make the camp stand out. Post ride massages every evening, saunas and steam rooms and a brilliant host that will do anything to make your stay better.
Cycling Holiday Spain is as close as you will get to a ‘pro-style’ camp and allows you to get the most out of your training. I can’t wait to return!
Alice Cobb,
Junior National TT Champion & Junior National Hill Climb Champion

Marc Chamberlain,  great cyclist, national champ and trains with us here at CHS,
I have been out with Cycling holidays Spain a couple of times now and I can remember after about 2 or 3 days into the week thinking that this is too good to be true. Well it was that good and it definitely true.
Nozad has got his camp absolutely dialed. Every last detail to make you comfortable and get maximum benefits.
The day kicks off with a breakfast that you would expect to see on every pro teams breakfast table. All home cooked with quality ingredients and always plenty of it.
You will be glad of that breakfast once you get onto your riding. Climb after climb on perfect roads, minimal traffic, stunning views and great weather. The route was tailored to our requirements every single day and along the route at various points was Nozads smiling face and words of encouragement.
Once back at the villa, another recovery meal waiting for you as soon as you walk through the door. You just have to sit down and let the recovery begin to do it all again the next day.
I have never been able to complete as many training sessions back to back than when out with CHS. It really is the life of a pro cyclist and if you trained here consistently it wouldn’t be too long until you was one!
The CHS training camp is always the first thing I think of when winter training begins in Nov. it has been a cornerstone of my training into the spring and a real boost into those first races of the season. It is near impossible to replicate whilst back home. Without this camp I know I would of been a few steps back when the season kicks off.
This year I had a great week with CHS which gave me a great platform in which to build off. I went on to become Vets National Mountain bike Champion.
If you love cycling this camp is a must do. If you crave success this camp is a necessity.
Its hard to describe just how good it is in words. You gotta do it to believe it!


My name is Matt Fratesi, 17 years old live in Bristol currently studying for my A levels at Sir Bernard lovell school. I compete in XC mtb and last year achieved my best results in the youth catergory with 3 out of the 5 national mtb series reaching the podium, I also entered the odd hill climb notably, Hinton hill climb, coming away with the overall win. My Cyclocross season began with a bang winning the Autumn floodlit league in Swindon and overhauling some stiff competition against strong elite and veteran riders, I was stoked to win a weeks training camp at CHS on the Costa Blanca! Nozad welcomed me so well, I felt at home straight away. He would go out of his way to help with any problems in all I could not have had a better host!
Arriving in Spain was a real privilege as I was going to be riding on the best roads in fab weather and exchanging a wave at a pro team cruising past every now and then. Riding around this area is so rewarding you would climb for 30 minutes and then to have the most spectacular views at the top, before descending at break neck speed, of course I was being careful going down. The location was spot on with all the best riding on the doorstep. I was there for a week and it seemed to fly by and before I knew it I was on the plane home, I hired a bike because it saved money and hassle of taking my own, plus most of the hire bikes were better that mine back home.
A typical ride each day with the group was 5 hours doing on average 140km with around 3000 meters of climbing. With so much climbing it is more about time in saddle than miles. On the first day I had gone mega hard to stay with a pro french rider, I paid for it on the way back bonking just on the foot of the Col Del Rates. As Nozad said to me it can happen to anyone of any fitness who's not used to it, after that I felt stronger each day and by the end I was super fit. On to the accommodation, situated in the mountains and just a short ride to the coast it was positioned perfectly with spectacular views down to the sea. The lounge and sitting room are super comfortable, the dining area has a table at one end and at the other sofas and a projector to watch films and a huge selection of films. The games room is equipped with a pool table, darts, mini gym and a massage table, the doors open out to a pool and sauna a perfect combo after hard days refreshing.
Last of all the food was really substantial, for breakfast I usually had porridge followed by poached eggs on toast. On the bike there was cereal bars, jam sarnies, bananas, gels and anything else that you could shove in your jersey pocket. Lunch was a plate of pasta and the evening meals were mammoth size, chicken paella, chicken curry, spaghetti bolognese and Chilli con carne were the kind food on offer and for desserts it was a delicious variety of fruit crumbles with custard or ice cream, bread butter pudding with panna chocolat! For certain there's no shortage of food.
Overall I highly recommend CHS for the incredible cycling in the area and the friendly atmosphere at the camp, everyone looks out for each other so the vibes are just great. I really want to go back I had cracking time maybe for two or three weeks.

“Cycling Holiday Spain delivered in all areas, well above my expectations, and was without doubt the perfect choice.”
— Denisa
“Originally from a home town of Peter Sagan and proud fan, I too wanted to experience the real playground of professional cyclists and challenge myself along the way. Felt pleased to have chosen Cycling Holiday Spain for my long weekend training. Could not have picked a better place. Five star service in a relaxed, homely and fun atmosphere.
Noze possess a vast knowledge of the area coupled with a good sense of humour, professional but friendly approach and can do attitude. The training was challenging but Noze split my training into manageable chunks and guided me along the way. When things got hard he would ride by my side and encourage me which was a great comfort to me. Truly personal approach which is not easy to find. He knows exactly how far to push you in order to achieve the desired goal. Worked a treat.
What made the tough rides easy was not only the perfect guide, car free roads, sun above your head but also the beautiful Costa Blanca scenery. Breath-taking views, descents, charming little villages, smell of pine trees and flowers. Tickled all my senses. For the change of already perfect scenery you can ride down to the sandy beach and take a dip in the sea.
Back at the villa you are well looked after before and after your ride. Energy gels, protein shakes, mineral water, fabulous mama’s cooked food, massage, pool, tennis court or getting your sweaty kit washed. You really don’t have to worry about anything. What adds to the camp’s delight is the villa’s surroundings. It resembles a botanic garden. Fish ponds, palm trees, almond, orange, grapefruit trees and grapes which made for a perfect snack after the ride or breakfast. I could not get enough of this place and can’t wait to return.
Cycling Holiday Spain delivered in all areas, well above my expectations and was without a doubt the perfect choice. Thank you.
- Denisa”

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“We knew out host and we new he’d do his best for us. Noze as always thank you sir for looking after us all so well. We came back home feeling like we’d had a real holiday despite all the miles ridden.”
— Emma Gueterbock
So! Another great week with CHS. After a very relaxed and happy family holiday at Nozad’s place in the hills in 2013 we decided to try a term-time ‘without the kids’ number this spring with a view to getting a few more hours in the saddle. But why head back to Villa Nawras? Simples…
We knew the terrain and surely it is some of the best – some serious hill climbs, some seriously long drags (apparently they don’t really count as hill climbs!), silky tarmac, beautiful views and awesome descents to make the hard graft all worth it.
We knew the set up – great facilities at the villa, daily leg massage, pool and best of all the sauna, which it must be said was the hottest I have ever encountered! A fantastic addition to the villa for 2014 and one that the heat-seekers amongst us thrived on.
We knew we’d be well catered for. Breakfasts were real breakfasts with triple helpings on offer – and lunches too. And in the evenings Molly did another sterling job of keeping us happy with her home cooking – staples like bolognese, paella, chicken curry and a delicious pasta bake were the favorites…all good ‘n’ hearty with puds to write home about. But don’t expect Molly to share her recipes!
We knew our host and we knew he’d do his best for us. Noze as always thank you sir for looking after us all so well. We came home feeling like we’d had a real holiday despite all the miles ridden. We’ll be back! x

“Professional, personal, fun. This camp and set up really does have it all. I would come back in a heartbeat. ”
— Helen Scott
Getting back into training after such an incredible summer competing at my first Paralympic Games was always going to be tough, especially without a competition goal for a year or so. The British weather was also far from ideal for our initial fitness training plans.
My teammate Jon-Allan and I therefore took it upon ourselves to look into a training camp abroad with nice roads, nice weather, and a good location for us to relax after some hard training.
It didn’t take us long to realise that the camp run by Nozad Nawras was the perfect option for us to begin our long journey towards Rio 2016.
We arrived in the midst of a big freeze in Britain, but were greeted by sunshine, mountains, and a smiling face when we landed in Alicante.
Noze collected us from the airport and drove us nearly an hour into the mountains of Callosa to his vast villa where we would be staying for ten days.
This amazing place is equipped with everything that anyone could possibly want for a great training camp. A garage filled with tools, equipment, and a large bike rack stands at the top of the drive, and inside the villa a home from home atmosphere made us feel so welcome; not to mention our camp leader Noze, who’s first words to us when we arrived were “Mi Casa su Casa!”
I won’t lie; it has been the hardest camp I have ever been on. As a track sprinter, I struggled up the relentless hills of South-Eastern Spain, but I had encouragement from Nozad all the way, and on a particularly hard day on the bike that consisted of 2 hours of climbing I had a support car for my entire ride. That is something I have rarely experienced as part of the GB team! Even though I was hurting and felt as if I was getting slower and slower on the brutal climb, Noze and his friend, a very talented bike rider Russ, cheered me on every step of the way. It’s just what I needed when I was feeling far from my best, a long way away from my form 5 months previous.
I am not exaggerating, but Noze really did treat us like a King and Queen. It was a particularly quiet time for Nozad when we arrived, and so we had most of his attentions for the ten days. No request was too much for him. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, relaxing and kit washing facilities were all fantastic; I’d say on a par, if not better than what we experience on trips with the team.
And with a villa that sleeps groups and teams of up to 12, I can only imagine the fun and banter that goes on within those walls at busier times
Professional, personal, fun. This camp and set up really does have it all. I would come back in a heartbeat. (Only a little fitter next time I hope!)
Thank you Noze,
Helen Scott X

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“Nozad still leads rides and is as fit as any top level road racers so whatever your ability you’re catered for.”
— james Dunlop
Good times at CHS
Cycling Holiday Spain Testimonial. The previous year I stayed with Nozad at Cycling Holiday Spain. The sun, the roads, they wanted me back, so I had to go for another visit! Having been to the area three times previously I now know the roads reasonably well enough to plan my own routes, and with the support Nozad I had one of the best training camps going. However If you don’t know the roads, Nozad still leads rides and is as fit as some top level road racers so whatever your ability you’re catered for. I was there with the Biketreks Racing Academy and within that have a wide range of abilities, from novice riders to Premier Calendar riders; we were all looked after fantastically. It was great to ride with my own team mates, but met some new people at the training camp as well which is always great! Even meeting a few pros and seeing 4 WorldTour teams out on the same roads doing efforts and riding easy is such an inspiration. Not just for me and my team mates, but also for Nozad, who’s excitement about the sport is just contagious. Arriving about a month earlier than the previous year due to University commitments has meant that the training has been orientated around base miles and along with the weather, the nutrition and facilities at Cycling Holiday Spain, I’ve never been fitter at this time of year before. All I had left for me to worry was if to have another portion of paella. My season went well last year and I believe this was in part due to the fantastic training I was able to do while out in Spain and meant that I was able to achieve and go beyond my targets for the year. It was a fantastic foundation for me to build upon. Going from 3rd to 1st cat in a season after a year off due to injury was down to a lot of hard work done at Cycling Holiday Spain and for the serious cyclist, like myself, I found it perfect. Thanks again Noze!
- James Dunlop

When I first heard about cycling holiday spain, I was instantly enticed to go there for a week for a training camp! Their website claimed a lot more than what other training camps do, such as being fully inclusive, airport transfers, massages every day, a following car incase of major mechanicals or problems, and protein shakes provided! I was not disappointed when I was met at the airport by a smiling and warm welcoming nozad nawras. I was instantly made to feel as if I hadn’t even left the country. He had water waiting for me, he helped me with my bags and bike up to the car and we where off, for my first ever training camp! I was worried at first, only being young, in a strange country that ive never been to before. But I felt at home. We got to the villa just above the gorgeous village called callosa den sarria. We unloaded the car quickly and I was shown around the villa, shown to my room and after half hour of putting the bike together we where having a fuel packed lunch ready to go out for a gentle spin that afternoon!
Now when I was told by nozad what the climbs around here were long and hard, i had no idea what I had let myself in for at the start of the first climb, but quickly I was surprising myself. I had done what I usually do, over analyse what I was doing and put self doubt into my head. I was in heaven! The roads where smooth, the drivers where patient and nice to you, and there where long flowing descents and awesome climbs! We got back to the camp after the first ride, had a recovery shake and then spent the rest fo the afternoon relaxing and watching tv and movies until it was time for dinner!
Now usually when you think of a place that is fully inclusive, you can worry that there wont be enough food for you, but there was plenty of food! I instantly knew that I wouldn’t be going hungry on this week away! The food was absolutely awesome! We never went hungry for the entire week that I was there. There was soup and bread for starters, a main course that had plenty of carbs and protein in for recovery and then a desert.
We woke up the next morning to see all the cereals laid out on the table waiting for us along with milk etc etc. we fuelled up with as much food as we could before being shown the route that we had planned for the day/week ahead. The first day comprised of a short 70km loop that took us up two climbs, tarbena and col de rates. With some awesome descending going towards castell de castells and parcent. We climbed col de rates a couple of times with the guide that was there to look after us along with nozad and it was a fun fuelled day. Got back to the villa, ate some food, relaxed and then slept ready for some more fun for the rest of the week!
The entire experience of staying with CHS was unbeatable. It would take a lot for any training camp to beat what these guys do! The routes range from a couple of hours to all day rides with uber long climbs and just as long desents. You never feel far from home, you are welcomed into the camp with arms and are made to feel as you are part of the family. The facilitys that they have are simply the best there is! How many training camps can boast that they have their own wood heated sauna, outdoor swimming pool, their own gym area and playstation zone! And to top it all of, massages every night after dinner to ease the legs off after a tough day of riding! All in all I couldn’t fault CHS for the effort they put in to making this a brilliant place to train! Definitely going to be coming again for more training and suffering!!!

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Ruairi Mc Closkey 
A long overdue testimonial to CHS from North West Cycling Club
We heard through a guy that was at CHS the previous year and though we would book this and give it a go. We booked the holiday through one of our club members and for all of us it was the first ever training style camp. 
We arrived and Nozad Nawras the host picked us up at the airport, and from the start this was hassle free as he had everything organised, luggage personnel and bike transportation to his base. The set up he has was beyond all of our expectations, with great, clean, comfortable home surroundings. 
Each morning, we had a route brief after breakfast and a choice to suit everyone's capability, as a couple of us guys done our own thing some days and Noz made sure everyone was catered for, with either his support car tailing along or him grinding beside you in the big ring!
Every evening there was a recovery sports massages, the sauna sitting at 95c 󾓶󾓶󾓶 and the most beautiful home cooked food, then topped of with a choice of pool or DVDs. CHS Spain is truly made by Nozad the hard work, personality and making sure everyone is happy. I think I speak for all the guys when I say we have met a friend and will be back again, and hopefully many times after! 

Mazzie Grounds
Thank you for organising a wonderful week of cycling for my husband Pete Grounds....he really enjoyed his stay with you. I liked the photos of the area and the cyclists but mostly the picture of your cheeky bottom!!!! Kind regards Mazzie Grounds x


John William Simpson

Me and my wife Caroline did the
Christmas camp last year and after being totally spoilt with weather,beautiful testing cycling,great recovery with protein shakes massages and great food we obviously just booked straight back for Easter!Got back in the holidays had all the same treatment plus a wonderful sauna with a very refreshing pool󾌳
Best of all is the people who run this camp Noze always has encouraging word for everybody and is now a very good friend.
So it's just a case of making time now to get back!
Thanks Noze keep up the good work!

My impressions of my trainingcamp at CHS in Collosa d'en Sarria? Great host, always happy to accommodate whatever quirky dietary preferences or training needs you might have. Great area for cycling, been coming every year for the past three years and fully plan to keep coming back. Great location, with all the best climbs literally right on the doorstep. Great accommodation, comfortable rooms, cozy livingroom with wood-burning fires and gym, swimming pool and sauna for those who want it. Great company and all the help and assistance you could possibly need from the moment you are picked-up from the airport to the moment you have to sadly wave your goodbyes. Thanks for your hospitality Nozad, here's to a great new season!