Complimentary Massage

Hot Stone Therapy

Relax with traditional hot stone therapy to soothe deep down

Air compression 

State of the art air compression socks to aid recovery

Enjoy The Difference

* All our massage treatments are free of charge and included here at CHS on a daily basis.
* Every day after your ride you are welcome to a wonderful relaxing massage all included in the price of your stay here at CHS.
* Simply ride your bike and relax in style
* Let on of our trained massage therapists massage the days riding away and let your mind body and soul (and legs!) recover 

* Enjoy some hot stone treatments using hot volcanic rocks to penetrated deep down into your muscles

* Enjoy the latest air compression socks to further increase your recovery time

What ever your post ride needs we have is covered here at CHS!


Post ride recovery


Relaxing Massages

A whole-body hands-on treatment that helps you relax.

Massage Room

Enjoy The Difference