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Food & Nutrition 

We know the nutritional demands on athletes and cyclists. 

All of our food is cooked freshly onsite and sourced as organically as possible.

Big breakfasts packed with essential proteins and carbs and freshly squeezed juices, anything from a heart bowl of porridge too poached eggs or both! 

Post ride lunches are tasty and nutrient rich to help recovery.

Evening meals consist of 3 courses and are big enough to feed the hungriest of endurance athletes, always seconds too! 

All drinks, fruit  and snacks are included throughout your stay as well as post ride recovery shakes and the famous chocolate brownies and flapjacks!


Check out the sample weekly menu below 

Vegetarian & vegan alternatives available

All drinks and bread included


Sample menu evening meal


Starter: Carrot & coriander soup

Main: Spaghetti Bolognese

Desert: Seasonal fruit crumble with Greek yoghurt/ice cream 


Starter: Cauliflower & cheese soup

Main: Chicken curry with onion burgess and garlic naan

Desert: Lemon cheese cake 


Starter: Tomato & Basil soup

Main: Shepherds pie with broccoli and carrots 

Desert: Seasonal fresh fruit salad with Greek yoghurt


Starter: Spinach, broccoli & leek soup

Main: Chicken paella

Desert: Chocolate & Avocado mousse


Starter: Pea & mint soup

Main: Beef lasagne with potatoes and vegetables

Desert: Key lime pie 


Starter: Carrot & ginger soup

Main: Chicken, date & apricot tagging with couscous

Desert: Whole grain bread & butter pudding with marmalade glaze 


Starter: Seasonal vegetable soup

Main: 4 bean slope cooked chilli con carne

Desert: Chocolate fudge brownies & ice cream/Greek yoghurt

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